About the programme

Holistic Core Restore® is a ground breaking licenced programme that provides effective solutions for restoring pelvic floor and core muscles using a whole body approach – incorporating movement, massage and nutrition at every life phase.

Which course is right for you?

There is truly a programme for EVERY WOMAN at EVERY LIFE PHASE within the Holistic Core Restore® family of programmes! And, Learned Once, They Last a Lifetime!

The Holistic Core Restore® programmes are for women who typically have experienced some degree of pelvic floor, pelvic organ, backpain  or core dysfunction and want to empower themselves through education and TAKING ACTION so that they don’t become a ‘chronic’ statistic.  All the programmes are for women who understand that positive nutrition and lifestyle have a key role in their Pelvic and Core Health and are ready to make the changes that support lifelong healing and wellbeing.